Okay, what’s your elevator pitch?

‘Writer and designer Rhonda Mason shares hacks, hilarity, and heartfelt stories from her everyday life as a neat freak, a minimalist, a parent of five boys, a mature art student, and a first generation Asian-Australian.’

(That took me three days to write.)

What is Pink Ronnie about?

I have been writing and blogging in some form since 2002. In fact, Pink Ronnie was the name of my first online space—a LiveJournal site where I shared my observations on singleness, dating, friendships, relationships, and all the amusing bits in between. Later (circa 2011–2014), Pink Ronnie morphed into a Wordpress blog where I mostly recorded the hilarity of life as a sleep-deprived mum with three kids under three. It was the golden era of ‘mummy blogging’, and I remember with fondness the forging of bonds and friendships with other mums online. It was also a way for me to document stories for myself—stories that I knew I would want to remember in the years to come.

Fast forward to 2022 (almost 2023). I have not written a personal blog for several years. There are seven of us now, and our three oldest boys (yes, the same ones that provided such great writing fodder back in the good ole days) will all be in high school next year. (It’s crazy. I am still in denial.) My husband Rick and I have both been inducted into the fabulous forties, and I have recently embarked upon the most perilous of journeys: going to art school and trying to become an artist.

In my twenties, Pink Ronnie taught me how to write. In my thirties, Pink Ronnie kept me sane. And now, in my forties, it seems fitting that Pink Ronnie should return and help me cope with the rigours of the mid-life crisis that surely looms ahead.

Why have you chosen Substack?

To be honest, it feels somewhat intimidating writing and sharing here on Substack. I mean, real journalists with actual writing degrees publish on here. Still, I like the intimate and interactive vibe of Substack as a medium, and, in fact, it reminds me a little of the old-school LiveJournal days. The potential to add a Chat element also appeals, as does the ability to add subscription-based goodies down the track. I really hope to be able to reconnect with some of my old Pink Ronnie audience here on Substack (in a way that I just simply haven’t been able to on Instagram in recent years), and I can’t wait to dive deep into writing long-form posts again.

How often will you write?

Once a fortnight to begin with? And then we’ll see how we go. For now, I’m thinking I’ll try and publish on Thursdays or Fridays, but if it changes (and it probably will), I’ll update this page.

How do I sign up?

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Writer and designer Rhonda Mason shares hilarious and heartfelt stories from her everyday life as a neat freak, a minimalist, a parent of five boys, an art student, and a first generation Asian-Australian.


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